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  • Adhezion is a manufacturer of premier adhesives and equipment. We are your single source for experienced integration of the best adhesives and dispensing equipment.
    We LISTEN to your needs.
    We DEVELOP new products, or...
    We CUSTOMIZE your current formulation.
    We RESPOND with unmatched urgency.

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Bond, Adhere, Seal, and Stick

Adhezion is your solution for adhesives, coatings, tapes and any engineered compound you need to bond, adhere, seal or stick.

The Adhezion team has been developing and supplying innovative adhesive solutions for decades, and its cross-platform experience spanning many industries, coupled with its expertise in solving complex challenges, makes it a leading choice for manufacturers.

Adhezion leverages its technical expertise and supply agreements with global product and chemical specialists to bring technology-driven solutions to every major industry.