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Dynamic solutions to boost production and vehicle efficiency.

Our BiW adhesives come from an efficient, flexible line of products that will fit your specific needs. They make the manufacturing process much more straightforward for many automotive parts.

SUV Cutaway Body in White
  1. Roof ditch sealants 
  2. Wheelhouse and body seams 
  3. Floor pans 
  4. Rocker panels 
  5. Hoods and doors 
  6. Rear body panels 
  7. Deck lids 
  8. Frame rails 
  9. Pillars 
  10. Underbody 

Our products are flexible, light-weight, and efficient, saving time and money during manufacturing, reducing vehicle weight, and improving efficiency.

Our adhesives won’t sag or slump before going into ovens and are paintable and bond well to a multitude of surfaces, while also providing long term resistance to various environmental conditions. APPLIED BiW bonding solutions improve vehicle safety and passenger comfort while enhancing the complex manufacturing process of multi-substrate frames. 

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APPLIED is committed to improving your company’s productivity, lowering costs, and reducing your maintenance downtime. Our 75 years of combined dispensing equipment experience allows you to focus on the products you know best.

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