Electronic Adhesives


Bringing key innovations to the streets

We provide high-performance products for a variety of bonding solutions in your vehicle, such as video screens, power steering/braking, lighting controls, engine-control computers, keyless entry, camera systems, lane assist sensors, and the Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).


APPLIED uses advanced technologies for bonding automotive electronic components.

Two-Part Structural Adhesives
Reactive and Nonreactive Adhesives
Heat Activated Adhesives 
Light Cure Adhesives 
FIPG Adhesives 
Silicone and Anaerobic Adhesives

Our products meet or exceed the safety and environmental requirements while allowing functionality and repeatability using our multiple bonding strategies.

Our customers want to be sure that their product meets the safety and comfort needs of drivers and appeals to consumer demand. With our extensive portfolio of adhesives and sealants, consumers can enjoy an environmentally friendly, high-performing, light-weight, compatible, safe, and connective product.

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APPLIED is committed to improving your company’s productivity, lowering costs, and reducing your maintenance downtime. Our 75 years of combined dispensing equipment experience allows you to focus on the products you know best.

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