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Mexico has always been an integral piece of the long term Adhezion strategy. Our desire to take this commitment deeper led us to establish physical operations within Mexico during 2016. Under the name, Adhesivos y Equipos de México, and located in the heart of Mexico’s manufacturing sector, Adhezion’s site in northeast Monterrey serves customers nationwide. Expansion of Adhezion’s footprint throughout Mexico will continue to be a priority, as the company looks to supply our customers demanding support throughout North America. 


Meet the Leadership

Leading team efforts in Mexico is Jaime Chapa. Jaime has 23 years of experience in the industry as a chemical engineer, specializing in manufacturing systems, including fluid handling/dispensing with Graco. Jaime carries the necessary working knowledge of various business departments to lead the equipment, equipment technician and adhesive sales team.

Contact Jaime Chapa:

Phone —  +52 18 1199 05 777
Email —