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Depend on Adhezion for your Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies.

Adhezion provides adhesive products for the MRO market, which are researched and developed in our lab, then produced to offer effective solutions for equipment sealing and maintenance. We partner with companies to supply products to seal, lock, clean, lubricate, protect, and repair, as well as provide anti-abrasive and corrosion protection.

MRO professionals depend on Adhezion to provide adhesive products in numerous areas.

Interior of Facility with Tanks and Pipes

Facility Management
Most general industries have metallic equipment requiring high-quality maintenance products.

Exterior of Nuclear Power Plant

Power Plant Maintenance
Thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear power plants use our products to maintain their facilities. 

Gravel Yard

General Manufacturing
Maintenance Managers use Adhezion products to protect raw materials, and clinker, as well as the production of general manufacturing equipment.

Dump Truck Leaving Quarry

Facilities which operate opencast mining, well  mining, coal washing and gasification partner with Adhezion to provide superior maintenance of their facilities.

Interior of Steel Mill

Metallurgy Manufacturing
Sintering, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting and rolling processes all require quality products to help maintain facilities. 

Top View of Boat on Water

Adhezion provides sealants and adhesives you can confidently use for every maintenance and repair job—sealing and locking, repairing machines, air compressors, and more.

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APPLIED is committed to improving your company’s productivity, lowering costs, and reducing your maintenance downtime. Our 75 years of combined dispensing equipment experience allows you to focus on the products you know best.

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