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With the rising cost of OEM replacement parts and new OEM units, we wanted to offer our customers a way to save on costs with a less expensive alternative. After evaluating your equipment, we determine if it needs to be repaired or refurbished.

Old Tarnished Adhesive Equipment


Refurbished Adhesive Equipment


Rebuild the pump
Clean the manifold
Recoat the tank
Powder coat the base
Clean and repaint exterior panels
Check and test the electrical system
Replace heaters
Replace wiring harness
Replace pressure
relief valve

APPLIED Adhesive’s Refurbishing Program offers a cost-effective solution to meet your equipment needs.

After the rebuild, the pump is hydraulically tested for 4 hours. The unit is tested for two eight-hour shifts. We also include a video to show your unit running. On completion of the process, we set all equipment back to OEM specs.

Not ready to buy a new applicator? We can refurbish your applicator and have it working like new.

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APPLIED is committed to improving your company’s productivity, lowering costs, and reducing your maintenance downtime. Our 75 years of combined dispensing equipment experience allows you to focus on the products you know best.

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