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Adhezion rewrites the adhesive standards in the transportation industry.

Innovative technologies, application equipment, and process improvements can set you apart from the competition. At Adhezion, we support our clients with progressive solutions that break the mold over the incumbent process. Our specially formulated adhesives continue to rewrite the standards for safety, sustainability, efficiency, and longevity, and our depth of technologies allows you to replicate or innovate any application to a new standard. Whether you are sealing a semi-trailer frame, bonding airplane wings, or affixing door panels of an automobile, we have the most advanced bonding solutions.

We are passionate about advancing transportation and its technology. Partner with us for the best solutions in the transportation industry.

Bottom View of Airplane in Air


White Car Driving Down Road


Front of Red Semi-truck


Boat Motoring Across Water


Camper Parked by Lake

Recreational Vehicles

City Bus Driving Down Road

Bus and Rail

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APPLIED is committed to improving your company’s productivity, lowering costs, and reducing your maintenance downtime. Our 75 years of combined dispensing equipment experience allows you to focus on the products you know best.

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